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You can request Movies here, just comment to this page.

One request in one comment, and make sure you put link info about movies that you requested ?


  • Search before placing a request, use search box or see in List All Movies
  • Leave your comment with movie title, year and IMDb link.
  • Only one movie at a time.
  • Local films (Indonesian) are not allowed.
  • Dont Over Make Request Movie (2 Movie PerDay) Or Your Movie Request Will be Not Uploaded


Please checklist (Before you Request Movie Because we will notif you by email your if movie request Uploaded and make sure you use active email.

NOTE: Note the date, month and year of release of the movies, whether the movies is still comming soon or just release. If it’s still comming soon and just released, it’s unlikely we’ll find the source of its torrent movie. So do not ask for a newly released movie and still comming soon.

1,672 thoughts on “Request Movie”

          1. Hi buddy , thank you for your upload the small size file of Café Funiculi Funicula (2018), the source file is here:

            This forum include a lot of asian movie (such as HK/Japan/Korea/China …..etc):

            Also, Would u pls provide & encode this Japan movie:
            Code Blue the Movie (2018)

            thank you very much.

      1. bro i know u loyal visitor in my website all ur movie request i will uploaded but some movie cant uplaoded fast , see my screenshoot i am download 1 movie ur request from torrent after one day still not complete i hope u know

  1. Sorry for overload next time i won’t make this mistake again
    Please upload my requests one by one according to your cofomfort

      1. Oh ok min. I will submit new request then 🙂
        But still if you found those in future then do upload them as it will be fantastic 😉

      1. Fantastic work min. This is the reason i don’t use any other sites 🙂
        No problem min, for me any quality will work whether it’s Brip, webrip, dvdrip, hdrip or any other.. 😉

        Can you upload the new uploads with softcoded English subtitles?

        1. sorry niel for now i cant upload movie with english sub softcode but idk if next time i will use softcode subtitle because now i am still busy with my real world (my wife, my son, my work,etc)

          1. Hahaha ok min i completely understand. 🙂 It was only a suggestion not for all movies but only for HK and Korean movies 😉
            Anyways you are already doing more than enough for us. 🙂 You deserve all the credit for your hardwork and we appreciate your hardwork.

  2. Min i already submitted 2 new requests of Donnie Yen movies. I can’t see the comment here. Let me know if you haven’t missed it 🙂

    1. sorry niel i cant uplaod ur movie req , us 2019 still cam quality,,,
      and other ur movie request i find source on torrent but cant download because long file,,, need new seeder

      1. Oh ok min. No problem brother. But try to keep them in your list so that you can upload it in future if you found any good source. I’m looking for The Iceman Cometh and Above the law from a very long time 🙂

        I will submit new request.

  3. Here is the new list min 🙂

    My Young Auntie (1981)- it’s one of the best Kara Wai movie. Gem from Shaw studios.
    Eastern Condors (1987)- It’s an all star movie.
    Night Watch (2004)-
    The Vanishing (1988)- one of the fantastic thrillers.

    Kindly upload them min

    1. Min i hope you didn’t miss these 2. Let me know if you can’t find it then let me know so i will submit new request bro 🙂 Add the chat section in this site too 🙂

      1. No problem bro. I fully trust you 🙂
        If you find any good source then do upload. These movies are great to watch. Absolute classic 🙂